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It's time to treat skincare
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Cold Weather

As your body's first line of defense against the environment, your skin is particularly susceptible to cold weather conditions, especially in the winter. When exposed to dry and cold air, the body attempts to conserve heat, and blood vessels in the skin constrict, depleting the skin of much needed moisture. Winter skin can easily become dry skin, and get flaky, chafed and red—and these conditions can lead to more severe concerns, including itchy skin.


At the onset of cold weather, keep your skin—face, lips, hands and body—moisturized throughout the day to help keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Regardless of your skin type, maintaining a daily skincare regimen will help protect your skin’s health during cold weather conditions.

Opt for gentle cleansers that remove dirt and residue while maintaining the right lipid and moisture balance. Moisturizing lotions help bind water to the skin and prevent further moisture loss. Extremely dry skin and sensitive skin are particularly susceptible to cold weather, and require products specially designed to provide natural moisturizing factors. This is also true for skin conditions like eczema, atopic dermatitis and rosacea, which make skin even more vulnerable in the cold.  

The information provided herein is not intended to be medical advice. Nor is it intended to treat the underlying skin disease or condition. The information is provided solely to:

1. Moisturizing, softing and smoothing dry skin
2. Improving the appearance of the skin

3. Achieving healthier-looking skin

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