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Chapped Skin

Chapped skin is the result of skin becoming so extremely dry that it fissures and cracks. It can be the result of exposure to drying elements like frequent hand washing, dry climates and even air conditioners, but chapped skin occurs most often in cold weather conditions. In cold weather, as the body attempts to conserve heat, blood vessels in the skin constrict, which depletes skin of much needed moisture. Skin that is most frequently exposed in cold weather, such as lips, hands and cheeks, tends to chap more easily.

Chapped skin signifies that there is a significant decrease of water in the top layers of the skin’s epidermis. Maintaining the right level of moisture balance in our skin is important to prevent and treat chapped skin. 


If your skin is chapped, regular moisturizers and lotions may not be enough to help treat your condition. Specially designed ointments for chapped skin can help enhance the skin’s natural healing process and help hydrate and restore a smooth appearance.  Lips, which are particularly prone to chapping, can also benefit from using protective and healing moisturizing treatments that relieve dry, chapped lips, and seal in moisture.

To avoid extremely dry, chapped skin, use gentle face and body cleansers that remove dirt and residue without stripping much needed moisture from skin’s top layers. When bathing or washing your face and hands, use warm water, never hot water as it can dehydrate your skin. Follow by applying moisturizing lotions or creams to help bind water to the skin, and prevent further moisture loss.

Note that dry skin and sensitive skin are particularly vulnerable in the cold and more susceptible to chapping. In these cases, it may help to be particularly diligent in your daily skincare regimen and moisturize frequently, even throughout the day, to prevent chapped skin.

The information provided herein is not intended to be medical advice. Nor is it intended to treat the underlying skin disease or condition. The information is provided solely to:

1. Moisturizing, softing and smoothing dry skin
2. Improving the appearance of the skin

3. Achieving healthier-looking skin

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