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Skin Wisdom

Get savvier about your skin
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  • Skin Wisdom

    Skin First Council

    Founded in 2010, the Eucerin Skin First Council was created to bring awareness to the importance of skin health by providing women with education and tools. Drawing from a diverse section of professional fields including dermatology and medicine, the Skin First… Read More 
  • Skin First Council

    New Look, New Names, Same Trusted Formulas

    We’ve moved toward a sleeker, more streamlined graphic design that will highlight the important features of each product. Read More 
  • Skin First Council

    A True Innovation In Skin Hydration

    We're so excited to share some great news with you about Eucerin's new Repair line of products. To all of our dry skin sufferers out there, this might just change the way you view moisturization. Read More 
  • Skin First Council

    Your Skin: The Front Line to Good Health, Part 2

    As we learned in part 1, skin’s top layer—the epidermis—is shielded by a hydrolipid film and works to protect the body while also retaining moisture needed to keep skin healthy. But our skin is a complex organ that also regulates body temperature, provides insulation,… Read More 
  • Skin First Council

    Your Skin: The Front Line to Good Health, Part 1

    We tend to think of skin in terms of beauty and appearance, but skin is a complex and fascinating organ that plays an integral role in our overall health. Discover the structure and inner workings of our body’s protective barrier. Read More 
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