Always my go to product!

This is my favorite product for my skin. It's great for my eczema. I tend to have very itchy, flaky, dry skin in the winter. In the summer, my skin is dry and irritated by sweat. This option is amazing all through the year. It isn't greasy, and even though it it is rich it runs in perfectly. I also use it on my face as a moisturizer under my makeup. I used this on my chapped bare lips also. It also works well on children's skin as I use it on my 5 year old goddaughter's skin, who has eczema as well. Could not be happier with this product.

I love it!

It is the ONLY lotion that actually has softened my skin. I suffer from thyroid issues and my biggest problem was how itchy and dry my skin is. The AHA definitely makes a difference in the appearance of the skin, as well. It doesn't look aged. The richness absorbs quickly and I never feel greasy. I love it and will recommend it to anyone!

New formula is terrible

Eucerin is slowly repackaging the Intensive Repair line (formerly teal cap and markings) with the icky and gross Advanced Repair formula (red cap and markings). Now changing hand lotion brands and purging all Eucerin products for the subversive marketing.

changed the formul - for the worse

Why did eucerin change the formula so drastically? The old formula (with the green top) was light ans scentless. The new formula (with the red top) is sticky and has a faint putrid smell. It is a major let down. I was a huge fan and would recommend eucerin all the time. Now i feel super disappointed. Wish there was a way to get the old formula... It worked great! Why why why change things that are working just fine?

Thank to my dauter

I love it