What did you guys do to my lotion?!?!?!?

I read a comment that I have to agree with. I was a long time user of this lotion as well till the new bottle came out now when I use it I have a sticky feeling. My husband made comment to me" I don't like it when you use that lotion, you feel sticky!" So needless to say I'm on the hunt for new lotion :(

Renewed my itchy dry skin

I had been looking everywhere wasting money on expensive lotions trying to find something to work on my itchy dry skin, then one day one of my friends let me try there eucirerin extr me dry skin lotion and I've never gone back!

I have used this and really like it

I have used this and really like it. It was recommended by my dermotogist.

Something got changed. This is sticky feeling!!!

I just finished my old bottle of this (used this for 8+ yrs for dry/itchy skin). Last 3 nights I have used it & awake in middle of night feeling sticky. I stuck to my sheets & I have to wash hands because I stick to everything I touch (sheets, pillow, cat. Dog). I do not recommend this at all!! You say same product just new look but it is not same!!! Very disappointed & now on the hunt again for top quality lotion to help stop dry/itchy skin.

Perfect consistency and works

It is a great lotion, the only one that relieves my extra dry skin, even rough parts like feet. Immediately after applying skin feels so much better and itchiness disappears. I appreciate it being unscented so it doesn't interfere with perfume. It's not too thick and absorbs within a minute or two without feeling greasy. Love it.