So Sad, New formula is terrible: (

I loved the Skin calming lotion and used it daily for my dry skin in Colorado. The new "red lid" version is so strange. It smells very chemically, like when I get my hair highlighted, and leaves my skin with that scent all day. _x000D_ _x000D_ More importantly, it somehow dries out my skin while leaving a layer of slime. I don't get it. My face fells cracked and dry 2 hours after application, yet when I rinsed it off, there was a slimy layer on it. The "blue lid" formula did not feel the same. I didn't get a dry feeling on my face until bed time or the next morning and I never felt a slimy layer when rinsing my face or showering._x000D_ _x000D_ So sad - Eucerine, please bring back the "blue lid" formula!!!

Great for winter itch!

I get terribly itchy legs in the winter and this is the only one that stops the itch!

Don't Like the New Red Capped Version

I have loved this product for years and was willing to pay more for it, however I just bought the new red capped version and noticed right away the difference. I checked the label and sure enough it has different ingredients than the previous version. The quality now seems more like the cheaper products I used to buy. I am really disappointed and hope you go back to the older, richer more colloidal feeling formula I relied upon summer and winter. I don't understand why companies mess with a great product and hope you reconsider.

works after shower

Works best after your shower. I've been using product for years

Really helps my skin

I have been using Eucerin Skin Calming Lotion for about 3 years. This cream does an excellent job of moisturizing without making my skin feel greasy. It also is heavy enough to thoroughly treat my sensitive skin. I cannot be without it. I always have a large tube of this in my bedroom/bath, and I also buy the small sample size to carry in my purse. I recommend this to anyone who needs moisture therapy for dry, irritated, chapped hands and for all over your body. This is an excellent value.