I have tried all other bands of cream and this is the only one that really works for my daughter!!!! THANK GOD FOR THIS!!!!
Dry Skin Diva

So Good I Wish it Came In A Bigger Size!

I absolutely love this lotion for myself and for my 3-year-old son! My only complaint is that I cannot buy it in bulk. The container is much too small (this is why I cannot give it 5 stars). Please consider making the creme available in larger containers, so that whole families can reap the benefits. Thank you!
Happy Mom

Finally, something that works!

I am so relieved that we found this product. I was trying coconut oil on my newborns face for eczema but it really didnt work for my boy. It worked for a little while but I noticed his skin was still dry. I have only applied the product one time and my boy has his skin back. I AM SO RELIEVED!!! Thank you so much for this product.

Worth every penny

This product works well. My baby has mild eczema and I was becoming frustrated after using so many other products. Thank you Eucerin.
Beatriz Behar

Amazing product!!

I absolutely love this product!! I have to say I was a bit sceptical, because the active ingredient was only 1%. I tried so many products before this and nothing worked. I tried petroleum jelly, aquaphor, coconut oil, baby location for sensitive skin.. I even tried diaper rash cream.. yeah I know.. well nothing worked until this. We got it, gave the little one a bath, applied it and the next morning...boom! Gone!!! I was ecstatic! Thank you for creating something this good