Not liking the new product

I started using Eucerin Daily Moisturizing many years ago. When you changed the product (supposedly on the packaging) I also noticed the lotion itself is different. It does not absorb as well and it smells differently, and not in a good way. I wish you would just go back to the original product and leave well enough alone. I went through radiation for cancer and your lotion has always been the best. Unfortunately, I am having to rethink that.

Different than the original. Disappointed.

The new daily hydration is much different than the original. Loved the "blue cap" original. I won't purchase the new "red cap" one again.
Dry Skin Bob in the Southwest

New product not same as Replenishing Lotion Blue Cap

The new Daily Hydration product was thick and greasy and not quickly absorbing. It is not the same as the blue cap product. I threw it in the trash and ordered a long term supply of the blue cap product at twice the price on the internet. Bring the old Daily Replenishing Lotion product back.

Replenishing Lotion, Light- Understanding the new labeling

I figured it out finally. The product is the same. The problem was understanding the new labeling. The Replenishing Lotion, Light formula, does not SAY that it's the light formula on the FRONT of the bottle. It doesn't even say "light feel" on the front like the other formulas do. It says it on the back of the bottle (the old "bar graph" which used to be on the front). I hope this is helpful!

The old products was wonderful

Please bring back the old formula. I was a loyal and devoted customer but will not purchase another product manufactured by your company again.