Love it!!!

My skin has improved greatly since I began using it!! I love this product

Elderly skin care

This product is excellent for elderly skin care. I have sensitive skin now and this product soothes the occasional itch and irritation of my thinning skin.

Wonderful product

If you want a body wash that is subtle yet transforming this would be the one. No irritating order just beautifully simple. I use it with my loofah and it's all I need. Moderately priced; Eucerin is a brand I can trust. Thank you.


Within 3 days, my dry, itchy, red skin was gone. My girlfriend even told me that I looked younger. lol I've read that some users have found the odor from the product to be bad, but neither of us noticed anything. She's now going to buy a bottle. Thank you!

Love the calming cream

My baby had red itchy blotches around her thighs and behind her knees. After using the lotions 3x a day for 2 days, it disappeared. This thing is amazing!