dont waste your money

hands were constantly dry and I would just add more and it wouldn't work after going thru most of the bottle I then tried a bath and body works stress relief one and in a few days the roughness was gone. Will go back to the intensive one but I there are times I don't want to worry about covering up in the sun....ugh

I love Eucerin but what's up with the new dispenser?

I've switched over to Eucerin, use the Original Healing (Rich Creme) in the tub for my face and original healing in the pump dispenser for about the past two years. I love both products. Since the "New Look" dispenser came out, it is seeping through the bottom and throughout the entire dispenser so that the labels are peeling off. This alarms me as I don't know what the container is made of and believe whatever it is constructed of is bound to be in the product I'm applying to my skin daily. Can a product manager or someone please investigate this? It's happening in two separate dispensers with "New Look." Also, as a preference, please go back to the earlier design. I'm not a fan of pump dispensers.


Love this product
funny Johnny chingas

I use Eucerin products and continue buying them

excellent anti wrinkling

"New Look" packaging leaks

The new red dispenser top leaks badly, not just around the dispenser, but it runs down the sides and puddles under container. See photo attached. That is not a shadow on the paper towel, it is lotion. I have been buying this product for years, and this is so disappointing. I have one unopened container that I am reluctant to use, but no longer have the receipt to return.