Susan Clayton

Bring back the blue cap formula

Hate the red cap formula. Will be looking at other brands. Don't bother to contact me unless you are returning the blue cap formula.
Snow Collector

Great product will buy again

I truly love this product. My husband is a diabetic and his skin is very dry and flaky. This cream is great and has helped him a lot. I will differently buy it again and again.

This product works for me.

I have used this cream for years and have never found any other kind that works as well. Most other creams have some kind of perfume and this one does not. I use this right after my shower and it makes my skin feel great.
Katie Sue

Not The Same Creme

This red cap formula does not work like the blue cap formula. This creme does not moisturize well, it leaves a greasy film and my skin actually is drier. Very disappointed. Used the blue cap creme for many years! PLEASE bring back the blue cap formula. "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

Pls listen to us, bring back the BLUE CAP formula

I was a long time user of the skin calming daily moisturizing cream (blue cap). when the red cap version first came out, with the same or similar name, I thought it's the same thing with new packaging. so I bought it and found it not as good as before. in fact, it couldn't moisturizing my hands and foots anymore. I thought my skin got worse but when I checked eucerin's website and saw if I got the right product, I learnt that it's not my problem but eucerin's!! I don't know why the company has to change the formula but please listen to all the reviewers and bring the BLUE CAP formula back. and NO, all your other products don't work for me. so don't have to tell me to try others. In the meantime, I am switching to trader joe's moisturizing cream extra dry formula. they are as good but just more expensive. thanks.