On Eczema Relief=Flare-Up Treatment

I bought the cream call Eucerin-for ECZEMA Relief for Flare-Up Treatment-on Nov. 1, 2016. So far it is Nov. 15 and I see NO relief on my hands. Can you let me know WHY?. Is there another cream with better for Eczema? Do you have on that has more gram of it.

Eczema relief

My son has eczema most of his life and I found that Eucerin Eczema Relief has been a great relief for his skin the dryness and itching. I have been using it for quite a while and always recommend to my friends and family..
Carolbbean Girl

Best product but need larger amount of product

My eczema type is extremely dry scaly skin and I've been using Eucerin since 1953 when I was 2 weeks old and still in the hospital due to my skin.. Unlike today when you can find Eucerin products everywhere, my parents had to special order it from our local drugstore. Over the years, I tried all the other Eucerin products but they never worked as well as the original cream until the eczema product came out. This product is awesome, as it offers the most longest lasting moisture. But the product needs to be in an easier vessel (too hard to get product out of tube near the end and a lot of product goes to waste) In addition it needs to be available in a larger vessel (perhaps a jar like the original cream to cover an adult body twice a day. On a side note, people tell me all the time I have such nice clear skin and I say its because my face has had Eucerin applied twice a day since birth. Thank you for making these fine lifesaving products!!!

My Secret Ingrediant

So, I am in my mid twenties.. As a female I have them hormonal acne bumps pop up (annoying) But in the last year, my checks are covered in these... bumps and my face is "so dry." I Google searched it, as most of us do... also how you found this page. :) Anyways Got different answers tried different products (didn't work) I actually even went to my dermatologist about it.. she was more or less focused on my break outs, and told me if it bothered me, to have a facial peel done (okay.....can you say 100$!) On my way out of her office she has A BUNCH of sample products (free stuff YESSSS) I grabbed one of each, that night I put some of the Eucerin Eczema relief on my face because it said for dry skin... LOVED the moisture and condition it left my face in.... the next morning I noticed my face looked a little LESS BUMPY.. okay, for real? I dunno... I kept using my free sample... My bumps have improved! So let me also note, My Dermatologist didn't even tell me "hey that's eczema" or anything...... must find a new one... waste of insurance money... all I needed was a cute bucket of FREE samples :) :) I am so happy I now know what was wrong with my face.. and it has been fixed... I must buy stock in thy product for I do love it!

Treated pregnancy Eczema!

Excellent product, treated my pregnancy eczema that I had on my hand. I am really happy with it :) It is a great product!!!