Poor Substitute for Previous Product

I've tried to get used to the new formula for the hand cream, and I finally just gave up. It's very greasy, it smells, and most of all, it just doesn't repair and protect my dry hands like the formula with the blue cap used to. Yes, there are other products on the market and I guess I'll have to transition into one of them, especially since Winter is beginning to settle in and the air inside buildings will be drier. What a shame that Eucerin changed this.

I will not buy this product again

I see you changed the formula for your Intensive Repair hand cream and it is now called Advanced Repair hand cream. I don't understand this. The old formula was EXCELLENT. Why change something that works great? I don't care for the new formula, and will not buy it again. It doesn't absorb as well, and has an unpleasant odor. The Intensive Repair didn't really have much of any odor. I don't understand why companies think they have to change a product that works so well.

New formula no good it's thinner and greasy.

Bring back the old formula

Sorry but disappointing

I've purchased Intensive Repair faithfully for over 5 years never allowing myself to run out... even in the summer months when some shy away from lotions. I've been on a wild goose chase to every store in my area trying to find it only to discover it's been phased out. I tried a tube of Advanced Repair only to discover it's not even a close 2nd! It doesn't penetrate as well & although it says fragrance free has one... not a perfume one more like a sterile hospital geriatric smell. Please Eucerin ...bring back the Intensive formula so I can continue to be a loyal customer
Nicole in AZ

Won't buy again

I used the previous version for 10+ years, had excellent results and didn't leave greasy feel. This new version made no difference in the dryness of my skin. Will be looking for a new hand moisturizer and hope Eucerin brings the previous version back.