Works pretty well.

I noticed a few reviews claiming it smells bad but it has a very neutral scent, kind of reminds me of a hospital or creams that dermatologists recommend. I don’t think it smells bad. When a product says “unscented” they mean they didn’t add any fragrance but the ingredients themself may have a slight scent naturally. I love the richness of this. I’m someone who LOVES a nice thick cream. I hate lotions cause they’re too light, doesn’t make me feel moisturized. I will say this cream does seem to absorb into the skin and feels lighter as it absorbs. I don’t know how long it’ll take for the AHA to help with flakiness but I’ve been looking for an AHA cream for the exfoliation and I’m glad I found this. I like that it’s convenient to get, not too bad with the price and unscented


This lotion makes my skin feel greezy and sticky, I'm not happy with it at all, I know I got fragrance free but it doesn't smell good on me, I don't have a lot of money but I spent money that takes me along time to make for a product that is not at all what it's advertised to be...I'm very disappointed

My cat wants to eat it

I think this product seems to work for dry skin, I only use it for when I really need moisturizing. Which defeats the purpose when Im in bed cuddling my cat and he wont stop licking it off my hands.

Love it

I had a great time using this product. It's the only lotion so far that works and suits my skin. The only question I have is, can you use it on your face?

Smells bad

I have used Eucerin for about 30 years and within the few years switched from Original to Intensive repair. Over time I noticed a sour, mildewy smell on my skin. It's the intensive repair. For something that's not supposed to have any fragrance, it definitely has an odor right out of the bottle and then over time I guess it gets warmed up by your skin, becomes worse. I'm so disappointed because when I first used it, it was great. Around the time you changed up the co lo or scheme and names is when it all went south. I've gone back to original, but am now stuck with an almost full big bottle.
We're sorry about your experience with our Intensive Repair Lotion. This is unusual. We did not change the formula when the packaging was changed. We'd like to help. Please call us at 1-800-227-4703 and provide reference #001059273A and a team member will be happy to assist you.