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Skin science that shows

For Eucerin®, understanding skin is key to every single project and effort. Each type of skin is different and always exposed to different factors. Eucerin®’s extensive research is therefore based on how skin functions, changes and reacts – and how to translate these learnings into effective and highly targeted dermo cosmetic products. This is the foundation for Eucerin®’s unparalleled scientific dedication.

The knowledge of skin functions is the foundation for innovation

Female scientist in laboratory
Research and Development have a key role in Eucerin®´s product assortment.

Eucerin® dedicates all of its passion and expertise to skincare. Pioneering innovations, outstanding quality, and excellent compatibility are at the core of the brand and the foundation of its products worldwide. Providing advanced solutions that work for the skin’s needs is Eucerin®´s commitment. Research & Development plays a key role in this from the start. The Eucerin® approach to research, development and testing is part of the holistic philosophy for skin science that shows.

All of Eucerin®´s dermo cosmetic skin care products are based on in-depth knowledge of the physiology of human skin. By understanding how skin functions, and how it reacts to the external factors, Eucerin® ensures the development of advanced dermo cosmetic formulations that meet a variety of skin care needs. Eucerin®'s systematic research and discovery leads to innovative products formulated with carefully selected ingredients to assure the skin is protected, nourished, and healthy-looking.

Illustration of skin and its layers

Eucerin´s scientists are dealing with the epidermis, the visible layer of the skin. This delicate tissue is in a constant state of renewal and can show all kinds of concerns. Skin is not simply skin. We talk about different skin types, such as normal, dry, oily or combinational. Yet external factors (diet, climate, use of inadequate skincare products, cleansing agents, harsh solvents, or certain fragrances) or internal factors (hormones, emotional state) can affect the skin and may cause skin concerns. This is what makes each and everyone's skin different and unique, with its own history or changing state. But no matter what age, what genetic fingerprint or condition a specific skin may have, Eucerin® research seeks to find the right skincare solution.

Eucerin® expertise is concentrated at Beiersdorf's headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, where the international center for research and development is located. To learn from the skin, more than 500 Beiersdorf scientists are decoding the complex processes that occur in it.

Beiersdorf International Research and Development Center in Hamburg, Germany
Beiersdorf International Research and Development Center in Hamburg, Germany.
Two scientists in laboratory
Scientists, from diverse fields of science, bring their expertises together.

Eucerin®'s scientists are seeking to understand the metabolic processes of the skin from the entire tissue down to individual skin cells. They are discovering and formulating with effective ingredients – both those found in the skin and from other sources, to create products that work in harmony with the skin's natural processes, so that it stays healthy-looking.

Eucerin® Skin Research draws from sciences such as human medicine, molecular biology, bioengineering and chemistry, and employs the most innovative scientific methods available. This comprehensive approach, with all of the interdisciplinary scientists working in-house and constantly exchanging the latest findings is recognized in the world of dermo cosmetics.

Main research areas of Eucerin® Science Center:

  • skin research
  • skin structures and functionality
  • skin aging
  • skin influencing factors and damages
  • skin irritation
  • specific skin conditions

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