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Skinsounds by Eucerin

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Skin concerns aren't just a skin problem. For many they lead to social exclusion. At Eucerin, we dream of a more inclusive world, a world that celebrates skin diversity. To fight against skin stigmatisation, we created Skinsounds, an app that enables everyone to listen to the unique beauty of their skin.

The Eucerin Social Mission Program

Eucerin Social Mission Program

The Eucerin Social Mission Program is committed to fighting stigmatisation and social exclusion caused by skin diseases. This global initiative supports different local projects. The program success is based on choosing relevant interventions, the right local expertise as well as an independent supervision by an external advisory board. By 2023, we will establish at least 16 local projects on different skin concerns.

Acne leaves its marks

Post-acne marks can cause social exclusion and stigmatisation. Displayed below are the most mentioned terms when 1000 participants were asked what words come to their minds when seeing people with and without post-acne marks.*

Acne and post-acne marks were digitally added for the study purpose. Font sizes are proportional to the frequency with which they were said, with larger terms being mentioned more frequently. 

*Schuster et al., Less confident, successful, and happy – patients with post-acne hyperpigmentation are stigmatized, British Journal of Dermatology, 2023.

Explore how people with acne marks are perceived in our society.

Our Projects

Working with local partners in multiple countries worldwide, we've started projects that include individual coaching, group learning experiences, and awareness raising to help those who suffer from social exclusion and stigmatisation due to their skin concerns. All projects are supervised and approved by an international advisory board during their annual meeting to assure they are in line with the social mission framework. This scientific advisory board consists of a dermatologist, a psychologist and a patient representative.

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