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Advanced Repair Cream

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream is a breakthrough in repairing very dry skin and provides 48 hour moisture, for skin that looks and feels healthy.


Long lasting relief for very dry skin

  • Repairs very dry skin
  • Fragrance, dye, and paraben free for sensitive skin

Advanced Repair Cream

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream is a breakthrough in repairing very dry skin for skin that looks and feels healthy. This moisture-rich cream is enriched with Ceramide and Natural Moisturizing Factors to help strengthen the skin’s barrier and to help replenish skin’s moisture. Advanced Repair Cream is fragrance-free, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, and is appropriate for everyday use.

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Helps retain moisture and combines:

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This is the best cream for my skin. I was using Eucerin before, but not this particular cream. My skin is so soft and not dry or flaky at all. I will never use anything else. Simply the best.


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Sunburn Alert

This product contains Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA) which may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun, and particularily the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Inactive Ingredients

Smooth over body daily.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Eucerin Advanced Repair Products Uniquely formulated to immediately relieves Very Dry Skin

An advanced moisturizing formula that hydrates very dry skin and helps maintain its moisture balance.

  •  Ceramide 3 enriched; strengthens skin’s protect moisture barrier
  • (NMFs) Natural Moisturizing Factors enriched; a combination of moisturizing ingredients naturally found in the skin that intensively hydrates to help prevent dryness
  • Free of fragrances, parabens and dyes, won’t clog pores
  • Provides 48-hour moisture

For Very Dry Skin

Advanced Repair Hand Cream

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Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream is a unique formula specifically made for hands that combines Ceramide-3 and Natural Moisturizing Factors to help repair dry skin and provide the moisture skin craves.   Long lasting relief for very dry skin Advanced Repair Hand Cream’s formula helps repair dry skin and provide the moisture that hands and fingers crave Formulated with Ceramide-3, Natural Moisturizing Factors and nourishing Shea Butter Noticeably smoother hands after just one use Non-greasy, fast-absorbing Fragrance and dye free
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This is the one

I've always had super dry flaky skin. I just thought it was how my skin was until I tried this, literally in 2 days my skin changed and felt normal again. This was amazing. I have never been so happy and grateful.

Best product ever

I have extremely dry skin, especially legs. This product is the BEST I have ever used.! So glad I found out about it on Dr Oz show!

Great Product - Awesome Results

My Dermatologist recommended Eucerin to me and I love it!
Grace R

Burning Sensation; Would not reccomend

This lotion gave my hands a terrible burning sensation. Would not recommend, an all natural body butter from a local farm worked way better for me, and was cheaper.
We're sorry to learn of your experience with our Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream. People’s hands are more stressed than ever with increased washings and use of alcohol-based sanitizers which can make them sensitive to burning and stinging. Our Urea based moisturizers are very effective hydrating products, but some can experience these sensations when they previously had no issue. We're here to help. Please retain the product and give us a call at 1-800-227-4703 and a Consumer Relations team member will gladly assist you. We have reached out to you via email as well.

Game changer for my extremely dry skin!

I am a 48 yr old female with Sjogrens which means there is no lotion that touches my dry skin and truly hydrates it or so I thought. I had my yearly dermatology appt in Sept 2020. The new dermatologist told me that my face was hydrated (I use Seint cream makeup) but my body was horrible and I needed to go get Eucerin Advanced Repair cream...not lotion. I did that and I started using it at that time. My skin has not been this soft and hydrated since I was a young adult. I've just this week started using a small amount on my face after my shower because I ran out of my Seint Milk cream...I'm going to continue putting it on my face. I have extremely sensitive skin and this hasn't given me any issues. I even bought the Advanced Hand Repair cream to keep at work. I work in a computer lab with 4th and 5th graders so there is allot of washing/sanitizing right now with covid and this keeps my hands soft! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

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